Ask The Advisor session - The Power of Cloud Productivity

Power of Productivity – Thomas Jreige Accelerate Group 29.08.17

Traditional ICT in SME

On Premise – everything is hosted on the corporate network – high cost to maintain and capital expenditure for hardware.

Management – paid IT management because IT is not your core business

Backup for SME – essential and critical, they should be tested regularly

Current Worries About The Cloud

  • -Don’t know where it is, could be overseas
  • -Don’t know who is controlling it
  • -No control over our data in the cloud
  • -Hackers – in 2016 68 million accounts in Dropbox were hacked, in 2013 1 billion Yahoo accounts were hacked and in 2012 360 million LinkedIn accounts were leaked.

The Cloud - A computer system that is hosted around the world, inter-linked hardware, software and processes in shared data centres. The cloud is geographically separated.

There are different cloud models that can put all your information in the cloud, or keep some on your corporate network.

Benefits of the cloud include:

  • -Accessibility (it’s everywhere)
  • -No organisation boundaries
  • -No need for secure remote access
  • -Cost is operational
  • -Can be a little expensive but is highly flexible
  • -Managed by someone else

Small business considerations:

  • -How secure is your data now, will it be replicated in the cloud?
  • -Do you understand how to secure tenancy in the cloud on the dashboard
  • -Your data is only as secure as how you treat it before you migrate it to the cloud
  • -Where will the data be stored?

Mandatory Data Breach Notification - In 22 Feb 2018 this will come into effect

  • -Businesses holding personally identifiable information with a $3m revenue or fall into one of the key industries listed with the OAIC will need to report any breaches to the Privacy Commissioner

Key takeaways:

  • Ensure you know where your data is stored and how it is processed and accessed. With customer information a Privacy Impact Assessment is ideal for any business to have performed.
  • If you are considering the cloud, a feasibility assessment and risk assessment should be performed. A risk assessment is critical to understand the probability of any impacts to data if it is loaded up into the cloud.
  • Using cloud products such as the Microsoft cloud products are great. The Australian platform is certified by the Federal Government so there are assurances of the security statement that the Federal Government has endorsed.
  • If you don’t know, never hesitate to ask the hard questions of someone who does this for a living.

Get in touch with Wanneroo Business Association today on 9206 3888 for a free consultation with Thomas Jreige, Chief Information Officer at Accelerate Group.

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