Four Ways to Resolve Conflict in the Workplace

Four Ways to Resolve Conflict in the Workplace

Workplace relations are hugely important - and can have a huge bearing on employee engagement and productivity.

Fortunately, when there is a problem, there are some proven ways for managers to resolve conflict, including taking the following steps:

1. Establish a rapport with the affected person to create an atmosphere of openness, constructive criticism, and problem solving

2. Set the stage - emphasising that you want to work together to achieve a mutually satisfactory solution

3. Describe the conflict from your perspective as objectively, clearly and specifically as you can

4. Gain perspective, and work to understand the other person’s perspective by asking relevant questions. You should never assume you understand all the facts.

As a manager, it is also important to prepare the points you are going to make before the conversation - so that you can focus on remaining open and listening without interrupting or showing anger.

It is essential to obtain mutual agreement (or in some cases, disagreement) on the conflict issues, and identify and evaluate the potential solutions together, as this helps resolve the conflict in a constructive way.

Finally, when choosing a solution, pick one (or several) that best meet all of the party’s needs and establish an action plan that you are both willing to take, in order to implement a solution.

By Mike Peeters

Mike Peeters Media

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