The four abilities you need to get ahead in your career

The four abilities you need to get ahead in your career

There are four key abilities you need to focus on and expand, to get ahead in your career and become an effective leader.

They are:

  • Influence
  • Self-awareness
  • Learning agility, and
  • Effective communication.

Although many people may not realise it - as an employee you already have a leadership brand.

Put simply, your brand is how you get your work done, what you deliver, and how you interact with others to produce the work.

Your leadership brand needs to capture your personal vision, which is the essence of your uniqueness and strengths.

Ask yourself exactly how you can integrate your strengths into your unique personal leadership brand, and pinpoint your ‘blind spots’.

Your blind spot is basically a behaviour you don’t know about - but your colleagues are very much aware of.

To enhance your leadership brand, you may need to modify or change this behaviour.

And don’t forget to get as many perspectives as you can about your leadership brand by asking those you work with for honest feedback - as well as your friends and family.

If you follow the above guidelines, your leadership brand should evolve naturally: and in response to the different scenarios and challenges you face at various times in your career.

By Mike Peeters

Mike Peeters Media


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